uhhuh Succeeding at life, one achievement at a time
Succeeding at life, one achievement at a time

Hey there, and welcome to my blog about video games and game commentators

My favourite YouTubers include: Gassy Mexican, SeaNanners, Ohmwrecker, among others

Favourite games: BioShock, GTA, Minecraft, The Wolf Among us and The Walking Dead.

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GTA V coming to Xbox One & PS4 on November 18th


video games + concept art

Destiny is not just a thing you take home, you play and you drop. We’re building an experience you can live in.


Silent Hill, a masterpiece of horror

and this old world
has brought me pain
but there’s hope
for me again


#this is fucked up. this fucked me up


Things that make me happy: Max’ laugh. [part2/♔ ]

Bonus: Kitty POWA!


Max Gonzalez…….aka Frank Sinatra


 Me when Gassy streams


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